Saturday, 22 March 2014

MW's Spring Lookbook | OOTD's

Hey WHirlers,

If you haven`t already caught my Spring Lookbook over on YouTube - check it out below:

Let me know what you think by commenting below or on YouTube!

Which is your favourite outfit?

xo Nilly

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Monday, 17 February 2014

MW's Kaftan Queen OOTD

Why hello, Whirlers!

Am I actually doing an OOTD? Finally? 

The sun finally greeted us pasty civilians today, after the blistering wind and rain attacks we`ve recently been having - I genuinely had no excuse not to get out and do an OOTD. 

However, Insha`Allah everyone is well and has not been too badly affected by the weather conditions!

The gorgeous kaftan...

This kaftan is from Saffron Boutiques, who can be found on:
Instagram: @saffronboutique
Facebook: Saffron Boutique

The Boutique specialises in kaftans and abayas for all types of occasions, in multiple colours and affordable prices.

This particular kaftan is called Kaftan Queen in Maroon - rather well suited for me, as I am a Rani and all that ;)

The material and quality of the kaftan is gorgeous and high quality. The material is thick, which is ideal as it meant there is no need for an underlining, therefore less material/layers is being worn. The piece arrived to me within a short time period, which is very important for me as I lack patience - haha.

I think this kaftan would be ideal for a wedding or another special occasion. 

Have a look at how I styled the kaftan:

What do you think? What colour scarf would you have used? 

Make sure you find Saffron Boutique on Instagram/Facebook and see what else they have on offer.


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Monday, 27 January 2014

MW's 3 Minute Make Up Challenge Video

Hey Whirlers!

 How are you all? I have been absent on the land of Tubes and You, being YouTube, but I`m back! I thought I would try and accept the 3 Minute Make Up Challenge - have a watch and see if I was successful! 


Make Up Products Used:

Eyebrows: HD Brows Palette

What do you think?

Do you have any requests?


Sunday, 22 December 2013

MW's Urban Decay Naked Palette 3 Review

Why hello Whirlers! 

Another year, another palette has hit the shop counters for Urban Decay. The buzz for this palette was insane on all of the social media platforms, ranging from sneaky previews of the colours on Instagram right through to secret passwords to enter the Urban Decay PR event!

The official release date for this palette in the UK was the 16th of December, however Urban Decay's flagship store, Debenhams Oxford Street, had released it the weekend before and everyone was going crazy for it. I had planned to go into London on the Tuesday to pick up the palette and my concern was that the product would be sold out, however, upon arrival I saw there were plenty of palettes in stock in House of Fraser! This did raise alarm bells - I mean, this palette was being hyped everywhere - why isn`t it sold out? Especially with the build up to Christmas? However, I had seen reviews from Kandee Johnson and Frootibeauty and they were happy with their palettes so I purchased my palette by only have a quick glimpse at the sample palette on the counter. 

Excitedly I took a closer look when I had a chance, and I slowly realised that this palette was most definitely overhyped...

Firstly, the outer packaging is completely different to the previous Urban Decay Naked Palettes (UDNP). The Naked 3 only came in a cardboard box. 

The previous palettes were presented in cardboard and had a stiff clear plastic case, which also held the UDPP or Lip Junkie. I`m assuming an incentive for the UDNP promotion was to include a free gift - this is clearly not the case for the new palette. You weren`t presented with a worthwhile gift, but rather 'a week's work of primer' in four different shades. I`m not entirely sure what UD are trying to achieve with this - are they trying to increase their other primer potions profit margin by promoting their other primers? But, I was highly disappointed with this element of the Naked 3.

The palette itself is the same size as the Naked 2, with a more bumpy texture on the front. The packaging of the palette itself is nice.

The palette comes with a large mirror, similar to the second palette, and again with a double sided brush (crease and shadow brush) - I admit I do appreciate this part of the palette as I love UD brushes. They are natural fibre brushes and rarely shed - so it is always great to add UD brushes to my make up brushes collection. 

Without flash.
With flash.
Swatches of the palette:

Without flash.
With flash.
The colours are a more softer, rose, romantic-esque compared to the previous two palettes, which were bronze-hue and taupe-hue oriented. Favourites being Burnout, Liar, Factory and Blackheart

I do think the colours are great. Don`t get me wrong...

What I`m disappointed with, is the product physically - does that make sense? I feel like they rushed the production for this palette, as I remember telling Safiyah the rumours about this palette and she didn`t believe me and later confirmed that the palette was coming out just in time for Christmas! 

I feel that Urban Decay have let themselves down with this palette on the basis that the quality could have been better. Of course the shadows themselves do not disappoint and are highly pigmented, soft and buttery to the touch, however, the luxurious element of the product as a whole has short fallen to the true Urban Decay name.

The pans were all unevenly filled with the eyeshadows, and a couple of my pans weren`t inserted and glued into the mould properly, so was sticking out a little. I did tilt the palette over to see if any of the pans would fall out - thankfully none did. However, because of this, I do feel quite disappointed with my palette. Enough time wasn`t taken on this palette, they clearly were feeling greedy to produce two palettes in time for the Christmas sales and to maximise their profit margin this side of the year. 

But, maybe I just picked up a dodgy palette and I`m the one whose being greedy and want more for my money's worth? Then again the palette is £37, and with the previous palettes, it always seemed worthwhile and a satisfying purchase, but I just don`t feel it with this palette.

I do, however, think Urban Decay has run its course on the Naked Palette hype and they shouldn`t do another one - simply, to quit while they`re ahead. No more new Naked Palettes, let these become a classic addition to any make up lovers collection and leave it at that.

Would I recommend this palette to a friend? It depends. I had to buy it because its Urban Decay, I love their neutral hues, high quality eyeshadows and, I`m basically a sucker for the Naked Palette hype. If you`re like me in that respect I would say get it. Can`t go wrong with a neutral palette.

But, if you`re not so much into Urban Decay and contemplating between the three palettes, I would say no to the Naked 3 and have a look at the other two palettes. 

What are your thoughts on this palette? Are you much more upbeat about your purchase? Or, do you think Urban Decay has run its course on the Naked Palettes?

Let me know!


Friday, 29 November 2013

MW's Sigma Brushes Review

Hi Whirlers,

Hope all are well! 

I purchased Mr Bunny Kit Sigma Brushes back in January (I know, so long ago). I had been contemplating on purchasing these for a very long time. It was an expensive purchase for my personal budget, so the purchase had to be completely justified - ensuring I didn`t feel guilty with the purchase!

I took the plunge and got my bank card out and forked out $143.42 (including P&P, discount code and an extra make up brush) which converted to £92.09! Yes, I know. Ridiculous for make up brushes. But, then on top of this, I had to pay £15 for tax or customs or something. Gah. So, I spent £107.09 on make up brushes?! Insane. So, I was a tad bummed about this. Wasting so much money on brushes like that. Smh. 


Justifications for purchase:
  • I needed good quality make up brushes as my current brushes were a mismatch assortment, ranging from Urban Decay to No 7 to even Asda ones (which, might I add are surprisingly good?!)
  • I did research on Sigma, checked out blog reviews,youtube videos, etc
  • I will not buy any more brushes for a VERY long time...and, 11 months later, I haven`t!
  • I have so much make up, but never apply it because I don`t have the correct tools, therefore, if I buy these brushes I can experiment more...
Surely, they`re good reasons to buy make up brushes? 

I`ve been using them for almost a year now, some of the brushes I absolutely love and use all the time, and a couple which were a slight disappointment. Carry on reading to see which ones I loved/what I use them for!

The brushes are presented in a container, which can be used as a brush holder, which is great for people who put their brushes in pots on their dresser. I don`t, however, as I`m allergic to dust so I keep mine in a drawer - I ought to show you how I store my make up one day!

The Mr Bunny Kit Sigma Brushes has 12 brushes in total. This is one of the factors that drew me to this kit, as it has a large range of different brushes for a complete set. And, the fact the brushes are synthetic, which means they will shed less when cleaning.


F30 - Large Powder Brush

 Now, everyone is completely aware of my obsession with bronzers and I love to use a large brush for applying products to my cheeks. This brush is huge and the bristles are ever so soft to the touch and pick up product well. I use this for bronzing/highlighting. The brush is also large enough to apply bronzer onto your shoulders/legs.

Would I recommend? Yep!

F50 - Duo Fibre Brush

I had the highest hopes for this brush, as I LOVE these types of brushes, however, this let me down the most! The website states it creates an 'airbrush' look, but upon application it left a streaky finish on my face, which was disappointing. 
If you are after a duo fibre brush, then I would recommend the elf Stipple Brush, which is A LOT cheaper and creates a flawless look.
Or, the Real Techniques Brush is another favourite, which is a little more expensive than the elf version.

Would I recommend? No.

F40 - Large Angled Contour Brush
I had been using the elf Angled Blush Brush before using this Sigma brush, and I was relatively happy with it - but now? I don`t even know where it is. I use this F40 brush every time I contour. I love it. It picks up enough product and the bristles are nice and soft to the touch. You do need a light hand when applying, but that goes without saying anyway when it comes to contouring.

Would I recommend? Yes.

F60 - Foundation Brush
This, again, was a disappointment just like the F50. But, in general, I don`t like these types of brushes for application of foundation as they generally do have the streaky look and doesn`t look very flawless. However, the bristles are soft and applies better than the Clinique Foundation Brush (which I`d been using before) where the bristles aren`t as soft.

Would I recommend? No.


E40 - Tapered Blending Brush

Prior to this brush, I had been using the Urban Decay Crease Brush for blending my eyeshadow. The brush is fantastic. Silly to replace it, to be honest. However, this Sigma brush is a little more fluffier. So, I use both.
Another alternative is the Mac 217 Blending Brush, which is a favourite with all Bloggers and YouTubers!

Would I recommend? Yes.

E60 - Shader Brush
I use this to apply all over eyeshadow on the eyelid. The brush itself is fairly broad and larger than the Urban Decay Shadow Brush so it is good and more ideal if you`re only applying one colour.

Would I recommend? Probably not. I think you can live without this specific brush. 

E70 - Medium Angled Shading Brush
I use this brush to blend in my crease. I do like this brush as the shape is softer than the Boots No. 7 Brush that I used, which had a more sharper angle. I also use this sometimes when I want to contour a little bit for a more natural look.

Would I recommend? Yes.

E55 - Eye Shading Brush
I don`t really use this brush as I just it to put on eyeshadow, or to even just apply to the lower lashline for a smokey effect - I could totally be doing it wrong lol!

Would I recommend? No, well until someone tells me what I`m supposed to do with it?

F70 - Concealer Brush
I don`t really use this concealer brush as I purchased the P80 Precision Flat Brush with this kit and I use that instead. You can find more out about it below. But, if I do use it, I use it to conceal under my eyebrows.

Would I recommend? No.

E30 - Pencil Brush
I use this brush for applying darker eyeshadow to my lashline to soften the look I`m trying to achieve or just to the outer corner to apply the dark eyeshadow precisely and using a fluffy brush to blend out.

Would I recommend? Yes, everyone needs a pencil brush in their brush collection.

E65 - Small Angle Brush
I absolutely adore this brush, and like a few of the other brushes, I do use this everyday, as I use it to shape my eyebrows. And, doing my eyebrows is something I HAVE to do. I cannot leave the house without doing it, even if it means no make up for the rest of my face - my eyebrows MUST be filled. This brush is perfectly thin and precise. I love it.

Would I recommend? 100% yes!

E05 - Eyeliner Brush
I don`t really use gel eyeliner much, but when I do, I do use this brush. I don`t think it is thin enough for the level of thickness I like to achieve when I do use gel eyeliner, however, it is an essential for a brush collection, and the thickness will most likely be suffice for other people.

Would I recommend? Yes, I`m just exceedingly fussy!

P80 - Precision Flat Brush

This brush I had purchased along side the Bunny Kit, and I think it is a fantastic flat head brush. I use it to apply concealer on a day to day basis and I carry it in my travel make up bag, thus it is always on had. Its a mini stippling brush with precise application. I love it.

Would I recommend? 100%

You also get a free eyeshadow sample with your purchase, and I received this gorgeous coral shade, Grasp!

Verdict: In whole, I do love Sigma brushes. The quality of these brushes are fantastic. The brushes don`t shed. The application of product is fantastic. The kit is a great purchase. I have yet to purchase any more brushes and I feel these have been a good investment. I don`t think the overall price is worth it, especially taking into consideration the customs tax, however, I don`t dwell on this and focus on how flawless my bronzer looks - hehe!

Would I recommend? The kit as a whole? Probably not. Individually? Yes. I would recommend researching and reviewing every single brush you want properly and working out whether the kit or purchasing individually would work out more beneficial for yourself.

How about you? Do you have any Sigma brushes? If so, which? And, do you have a favourite?


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